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Saying Thankyou and Goodbye

Saying Thankyou and Goodbye

My son asked why couldn't he just say it to her ?

Mr A's health is going down hill . Nurse T asked if there was anything he would like us to do for him ? Anything at all. May be something for your wife she asked. After a long pause. Yes he said. A cake and a bouquet of flower please for her and I will pay you later he said. But the bouquet had to be of roses and the cake had to be low in sugar with these words written on it : YUN , THANKYOU. Yun is the wife's name.
He is diabetic but not she.
I decided on a bouquet of rustic pink roses. I didn't use the classic red roses. I thought the pink was an unusual shade of pink. The rustic look with an inevitable touch of melancholy. Something you do not find very often, something unique for a happy and sad occasion . Something very pretty in its own way.
Mrs.A was overcome with emotions. The realisation of the end is near. How does one ever say goodbye anyway ?
For a moment my heart sunk. I hate this weakness in me.

Then Mrs.A smiled and told us that these were the first flowers and first cake from him.They have been married twenty six years. And he even thought of a healthier low sugar cake for her!
It was a happy moment too. A celebration of life, loves, gratitudes and of coming to term with the inevitable.

Somehow I thought if my own father had done something of the same...

Why couldn't he just say it to her ? Maybe he was too shy to just say it I said.
Wasn't this a better way ?
Or maybe for as long as it is said, that is all it matters