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How to be a Real Professional?

It is not sufficient in our life only to know how to do things externally - having studied in school or at college how to be a secretary or a Director or an accountant, how to cook, all these things learnt are about how to do things externally. That’s not enough. That’s not sufficient. If you are really looking for peace and happiness, you need to be a professional inside. Inner profession is knowing mentally how to live life, how to do everything that will bring this happiness. The real profession ~ developing positive attitude, cherishing others, living life with a healthy mind that is not burdened with anger, with attachment and with ignorance, is missing from school knowledge. Without this inner professionalism, this inner qualification — what happens? Even if you succeed in the external world, in business or at work, your mind is not becoming happier, it doesn’t become more peaceful, more fulfilled — that doesn’t happen. Instead, seems like more and more worries and more and more unhappiness.


For example, if you achieved reputation in this world, everyone knows you, everyone talks about you: by working so hard for so many years, bearing so many hardships, everyone knows you — but in your heart, there’s a lot of worry, there’s a lot of fear. You might lose your reputation! Anytime, something can happen to make you lose your reputation. Or having wealth — by having wealth, you become concerned about people taking it away in so many different ways, (through stealing), taxation, whatever. So much worry and fear your mind and heart are filled with — all this suffering, this worldly concern, concerned with only this life, the pleasures, the comfort, having reputation, having more wealth, more power, so like that your mind gets filled up. Without this inner professionalism, the inner profession of the healthy mind, the Dharma mind, no matter how much you are externally professional, life problems go on more and more.


Even if one is not Buddhist, doesn’t believe in reincarnation, karma and all these things — still it’s about psychology. You need healthy mind. You need to know your mind, to take care of your mind. So no choice — need to have non- ignorance, non-anger, non-craving. Best is to have thought to benefit all others, cherish others.


Many people have wealth, reputation, friends and seems like they have everything, so why do they commit suicide? It is because of the dissatisfied mind. Problems came from the selfish mind which had craving, anger, ignorance — because of these, problems came, relationships failed and not knowing what to do or how to deal with it, in just one second, they commit suicide. Nobody kills you, nobody in the world is trying to kill you, you kill yourself.


So you can see that there are two things on how to live life: external professionalism and the very, most important inner professionalism — living life with with Dharma, the mind becoming Dharma.

**”Dharma: That which overcomes the afflictions of anger, attachment and ignorance.

- by Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche at Portland, Oregon.