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Overcoming Your Mental Bureacracy

When you realise through your own experience how the powerful energy force of your ego comes and goes, you will realise that as well as your physical body, there exists another, different, powerful kind of energy — your mind. Instead of fearfully giving in or running away when confronted by the energy force of your ego, it is better to stand up to it with wisdom. Face up to ego problems with wisdom. The narrow mind, the mind weak in wisdom cannot face the problems ego brings. 

Guiding yourself: You need to realize that only your mind and effort can release you from your ego. For years and years, all you’ve done is build up your ego and under the influence of its mistaken projections (views) of the sense world, you’ve run, run, run from one thing to another as if you’d lost your mind. To now have a flash of recognition that this is simply a crazed futile rush, is most worthwhile. Don’t think that without your own effort and without using your own wisdom, you can stop the schizophrenic mental existence that all of us have which results from the energy force of our ego. When your mind is occupied by ego energy, it’s like constantly having needles stuck into your body. That would be pretty uncomfortable, wouldn’t it?

Honest, inner exploration is like a knife in your ego — when you meditate, your ego comes out. But when you work, when you deal with your problems —whether physical or mental — and recognize the way your ego reacts and views the world, the foundation of the treacherous ego begins to shake.

The two departments of ego and attachment work together in your mind and as long as they do, whatever pleasure you have, wherever your go, whatever friends you have, nothing lasts. Your ego makes a mistaken projection/view on an object and your attachment follows without hesitation and gets completely stuck to that object. This splits and severely agitates your mind. When facing death, all that worry and weeping and memories, comes from the two mental departments of ego and attachment. Not understanding the impermanent nature of phenomena and expecting to live happily ever after forever (as ego and attachment wish) brings misery. That is the karmic result or effect. If you understand impermanence, then there is no upset because you accept death as a natural thing. In fact, you expect it to happen. With understanding, there is no worry. Your know separation is perfectly natural. The mental bureaucracy within you never stops circling, trapping you in fear and anxiety endlessly and needlessly.

Therefore, instead of blindly following the grasping attachment that results from the way your ego interprets things, it is better to let relax, to let go. To renounce is not about physical things, it’s mental. The way our minds value things is grossly exaggerated and has little to do with reality. Your family, friends, precious material objects are of the same nature namely they are transitory, impermanent, changing. We cling to these things because we think they’re helpful but look deeper to see whether they really help. This attitude of clinging, instead of inducing peace of mind, prevents it. You check up. The way the bureaucracy of the departments of ego and attachment function in the mind. That’s what makes life difficult.

When you realize how misleading and silly these two depts. Are, you’ll see how silly you are to follow that duo. Be natural. Husbands and wives who love each other should not squeeze at their spouse with attachment but instead, try to better understand the up and down nature of each other’s mind and on that basis, help and support each other. That’s the way to bring beautiful warm feelings into a relationship which as a result, will last longer. By avoiding this “stickiness” to persons/objects, by being aware of how all things and situations change, the frantic running around that the departments of ego and attachment make you do, is cut-off and an inner peace and quiet settles in and gives happiness a chance. Dying then is no longer an enemy which stirs up all sorts of upset that almost kills you but a natural event unfolding and the remaining time can be used to generate (mentally if physically is no longer possible) powerful positive actions like wishing others to be well, giving away possessions, loving those close more deeply with the clear understanding that all things will naturally pass. This way, one’s dies peacefully and in freedom.

~ extracted from “Ego Attachment and Liberation — Overcoming Your Mentla Bureaucracy” By Lama Thupten Yeshe