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The Good Heart

The most important thing is the pure heart—the good heart and pure mind—to understand and see the problem. Healing affects the mind—it helps the mind to become peaceful and compassionate. If you focus on the mind and heal the mind, then you will be healthy and have a long life. A healthy mind equals a good heart. When you cherish others more, you will have a longer life. When you have a good heart, then you do not harm others or yourself. So, a good heart also protects you from receiving harm from others and the result of this is happiness, no fear, and no worry, also success and wealth.

The way to stop sickness in this and future lives is to have a good heart, a pure heart. The Buddha was like us, he also had problems, but was liberated forever from the causes of suffering and defilements, and then achieved great enlightenment because of bodhicitta. That is why buddhas are able, in every second, to manifest countless forms to suit the minds of beings. Each buddha is able to liberate all sentient beings.

By directly touching the causes of sickness, the imprints, and showing how to purify them, the effect is gain—not only are you curing sickness but also you are developing good qualities to achieve full enlightenment. Then you will be able to do perfect work for all beings, and free them from all sufferings. You become like the sun rising in the sky, so that all beings can enjoy. Bodhicitta. This brings happiness. By wishing to free others from suffering and trying to do that, immediately you have so much peace and fulfillment, and your life becomes worthwhile for yourself and for others. Then, when you die, you feel so happy, because you made your life so beneficial for others; you have so much satisfaction and fulfillment.

It would be good for you to practice Medicine Buddha—it has a lot of power and protection and benefits animals and people.

Advice from lama Zopa Rinpoche. Jan 2007