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Visit to KLGH - 11/7/2010

Date : July 11, 2010

Re: visit to KLGH oncology ward


Dear Kasih Friends,

Thank you very much for the time you had expanded and spent at the oncology ward today. I have actually extended an invitation to Chris Lee, a member of LDC whom I met at the Kasih Charity Fair last Sunday. He couldnt make it this Sunday. Just hope he make it the next time to bring some cheers to the patients.

Funny how things can turn out in the most unexpected way . We thought we could bring much cheers to the patients but today has proven to be extremely different.

Several patients we met today seemed to be cheering our weary "souls" today - instead.

a) patient A : a woman who has a mother in law who is almost 100 years old ; more fit and healthy than all of us added up. The patient is a spunky lady whom Seow Lim, Fui Fui and Sumana have had a long "chat". Great when patient can open up and talk and talk and talk. Save us all the ice breaking efforts!!!!

b) patent B : a woman from Kuantan. Very positive in attitude. She told us she even advised one fellow patient to be positive . You know why? The reasons she gave was that patients have familites who always worry about them. If patients are positive, it can help to reduce the worry burden of the family members.- Food for thoughts.

c) patient C : a male patient who is 67 years but doesnt look the part- certainly very talkative and positive too. He is also very funny with tales of his adventures overseas and a 12 years working stints in Singapore as a librarian. He has prostate cancer which seem to immobilise his body but certainly not his mind , spirit and "mouth". Great spirit.

There was one lady patient who seemed to be very critical. She was groaning in pain and breath with the help of the oxygen mask. Only observed from afar as the patient's bed was cordoned off by the movable curtains. Cant do anything - really feeling very helpless. Can only wish the end would not be so painful......

Bye and take care.