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Visit to KLGH - 9/9/2010

Date : September 9, 2010

Re: Visit to the Oncology Ward , Kuala Lumpur General Hospital

I wish to thank the volunteers present todayon our monthly visit to the KLGH although the weekend has been extended due to the Hari Raya Puasa. Much of our expectations on how things should turn out to be is the main source of our suffering. No expectation equals no suffering / no disappointments.

To Sok Wei - thanks for your presence because you had driven all the way back early from Batu Pahat for the visit. It is also great you brought your niece along .

To Chris and Ho - so nice to have both of you back after a period of rest. Chris, hope the pain in your shoulder would heal in a short while.

Incidentally, todaywe managed to visit all the three floors of the oncology ward. Most of the Malay patients had gone back to home / hometown for the Hari Raya Puasa celebration except for one who is from Johor Bahru.Today's visit was rather pleasant - just like a stroll in the park as most of the patients are generally ok and they opened up very readily.

Male Patient A :  this patient has cancer of left eye which affected his left side of the head, ear and neck. None the worst from the ordeal of having cancer, the patient is the epitome of positivity because his acceptance of the disease is high. He called the cancer his "friend" . He told us he worked as an agent in the entertainment industry where he would arrange for singers for owners of entertainment outlets who normally hire singers on contractual terms.

Male Patient B : this old patient touched us for he not only suffers from cancer, he is also almost blind. He told us he has some issues with the family members. Not wanting to invoke too much sad memories, we stop at that without probing for details. Thanks to Ho and Sok Wei for the simple generous act of preparing the cereal drink for him. This simple act may be simple to us that carries nothing more than a shrug but the patient was very appreciative to have the hot drink prepared because he mentioned he was hungry and there was no one to do it for him!!!.

Male Patient C : this is another old patient from Ipoh. There is general trend that we observed in Patients is that they dont like to bother loved ones  , relative or friends although they would like , in the deepest depth of their hearts, to have their presence, just to talk or hold their hands. This is what we had gathered when HO asked whether he was happy to have us chatting with him. He also mentioned that christian group normally tried to convert him and one even chatted for more than an hour. If he can find any solace in any beliefs, then we can only be greatful.

Female Patient A : this patient is suffering from the cancer of the womb. She is very strong in spirit and all her 7 children are grown up with their respective families. In the course of our conversation, it became clear that the tough life she had , working in the construction site , to raise her children and her decision to divorce her unsupportive husband put her in a strong frame of mind to fight the cancer. To her , what could be worst after what she had gone through.

I would like to share the quote from Thich Nhat Hanh : We live a kind of artificial life , lost in plans, worries and anger. Our practice is to wake up and live each moment fully , allowing this moment to be the most wonderful experience of our life".

With Metta and Bye.