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Visit to Sg Buloh AIDS And Leprosy Ward - 26/9/2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010 10:36 PM

Subject: Sungai Buloh Aids Ward / Leprosy Ward Visit 26/9/2010

Dear Kasih Friends,

I went to the Bandar Utama Buddhist Society this morning for the morning service and talk before proceeding to the monthly visit to the Aids and leprosy wards. I took a book by Ajahn Sumedho entitled " Intuitive Awareness". While waiting for the service to begin, I browsed through it and my eyes settled at the chapter with a very arresting title -- " Not looking for answers , not asking for favours". Before I could start reading, the service started. After the service, I left for the sg buloh hospital determined to " not look for answers nor ask for favours" which is totally without expectation.

The hospital ground and surroudings are as serene as always. But we know the serenity is only skin deep. Notwithstanding that, today's visit has been calm and touching. Maybe the seeing eyes without any expectation from the mind opens the sensitivity we never knew we had. Without the expectation we train our heart and mind to see the good and the positive around us.

Patient A: this male patient appears disorientated . His skin appears dark after a prolonged healing process from Aids. But this is not the main thing. What is poignant about this is ,we saw how his sister and mother travelled daily from Tanjung malim to be with him . The sister was feeding him porridge while touching him gently . Yes , blood is really thicker than water that even Aids cannot sever.
Patient B : this patient appears in good health . He spoke in mandarin ; and am glad Sok Wei was there to translate. He was a drug addict with a strained family relationship. However, he has changed after embracing Christianity at the half way house in Batu Arang where he helped aids patients there with daily chores. With this changed life, he managed to mend the relationship with his family . This changed attitude was reflected in sayings he shared with us : " Happiness is like a good medicine while depression will does the opposite", in not so many words, he mentioned about " spreading good through action". There is always the " good seed " in all human beings waiting to germinate.

Patient C : the patient is a TB patient who has his mother, wife , son, brother-in-law, niece coming to see him. It is a happy scene because it reflects the bonding and strength family gives to patient. This support is so important for the well being of any patients.

Patient D : the patient was lying down looking very weak. His left hand is weak while his right hand is equally weak. He was trying to feed himself. The food the hospital serves is pathetic - the rice is hard, the fish in black sauce looks unappetizing, and the vege looks like it was cooked yesterday. Any heart will bleed seeing this. But, little scenes like the part where Vicky helped the patient to reduce the fish into more readily to eat smaller portion as well as the clumped rice helped to soften the edges and heart.

At the leprosy wards, it seems some of the ladies there still missed Jimmy. He must have touched their lives very much. Oh yes, Vicky has thoughtful to have brought them sweet corns. It is definitely NOT on the hospital's menu , and therefore, it is a little of life's luxury which we would have taken for granted.

Well, it was also nice to have a little debriefing at the Hailam Kopitiam @ SS2 :

looi : it was nice to have you shared with us your bro's passing away and provides us insight on how a family member passing away affect other members in ways that are caring as well as emotionally draining.

tresa : i hope your feeling of not able to do enough for the patients does not deter you from future visits. Your sharing of some of the poignant last moments of jimmy's life opens up as many questions and dilemmas as there are answers .

sok wei : although we missed our reflexology sessions, we must admit the short get together at the kopitiam is so much more meaningful.

Have a wonderful week ahead.

Bye and metta