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Energy As Medicine - The Power Of Your Thoughts By Dr Eszter Fesco

Venue :   Kasih Hospice Care Centre, Section 14, Petaling Jaya

Date     :  October 24, 2010

Time     :  2.30 pm to 5.30 pm



Dr. Eszter Fecso, a medical doctor by profession and now practising Complementary Medicine ,will share her knowledge on Touch therapy and Energy balancing for palliative care patients .

Dr.Fecso resides in Melbourne and is a skilled acupuncturist , massage therapist, as well as Reiki and  Chi massage. She is a member of the Chinese Medicine Registration Board of Victoria and also the Acupuncture Association of Victoria.


Response for this talk was very good with about 70 participants attended the talk followed by a massage demonstration. Many of the participants had also attended a session by Mr Adam Martin on myotherapy recently.

Therefore , the talk cum workshop equiped participants with additional knowledge and skill in massage therapy and Qi therapy which can be aptly applied to patients , either at the hospital or home .

Participants learned how to create a healing environment when visiting patients and how to empower the patients to use their own energy to heal themselves through 'healing touch' and some gentle massage techniques.

Approaches and Contents

The talk took up the 1st half while the workshop occupied the 2nd half.  Amongst the topics covered during the talk are :

  1.  Natural healing through complementary medicine such as harnessing the energy of Heaven and Earth ie the Qi;
  2. The power of positive and happy thoughts can enlarge the energy field of a persons;
  3. Complementary healing is about inside out healing instead of outside in healing;
  4. Healthy body has a free flow of Qi; and the balancing of energy within the body.
  5. Acupuncture, reflexology, relaxation and autogen training, meditation and breathing techniques, visualization , prayer and positive affirmations, Benefits of relaxation techniques such as increased immunity;
  6. A special meditation of “ I love and appreciate my body” where invocation of gratitudes toward the various organs of the body which are functioning well to promote a healthy body
  7. Good intention and positive thinking in helping patients.

The 2nd half was the massage demonstration by Dr Esrter to reduce stress, tension . Some of the basic knowledge imparted are :

  1. The use of 2 fingers to massage the back of the neck in a kneading motions;
  2. The use of both hands in slow kneading motions of the shoulder areas. However, it the motions must avoid the bony areas.
  3. Demonstration of massage of the various parts of the body to represent the organs within the body.

Before the end of the talk cum workshop, participants are invited to ask questions during the Q and A sessions. Amongst some interesting questions posted to Dr Esrter Fecso are :

Q   :   There is a belief that when a person massage a patient, the bad Qi of the patient can be  transferred to the person doing the massaging.

A   :    Before the start of the massage ,either touch massage or Qi massage, the person doing it can build up the protective shield with good intention and motivation in wanting to help the patient or doing an affirmation through chanting .


Q   :   Whether it is advisable to use glove during massage ?

A   :   The use of glove causes a disconnect with the patient.


Q  :   Can Qi be measured ?

A   :  Currently, there are no equipment to measure Qi. However, there are well trained and practiced master who can feel the intensity of the Qi.