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Visit to KLGH - 10/10/2010

Date : 10.10.2010

Re: Visit to KLGH Oncology ward

Dear Kasih Friends,

Today's date holds special meaning to many people. Many people too take this day to actualise their special occasions for this is the date that can be remembered easily. Many have planned their wedding day on this day since it is easy to remember the anniversary. Birthdays falling on this day too help family members, relatives, friends to remember without the necessary headache.

The same also holds true when something bad happened. It breaks one's heart when this anniversary arrives which can be remembered so easily.

Having been born with this gross body , we must embrace both the good and the bad as we meet them. So long as we hold on to the teaching of impermanence - :"  For this ( good/bad) too shall pass " we should be able to ride the wave of life without tumbling over.

The good that happened today is that we almost have had enough volunteers who visited the KLGH today to make a soccer team. It is great to have some of the volunteers , who had to take a sabbatical , come back to the fold to join our monthly visit. Wish to thank all for today's visit for today's number of patients at the KLGH cancer ward is huge @ about 50 patients spread over the three floors.

Khim - so glad to have you back to our group . Thanks for bringing two cans of "Prosure" for the needy patients , courtesy of the your sister. I sure the two patients who received them will benefit from the nourishment. You know, the kammic resultant of giving nourishment is both beauty and long life . Saddhu to you and your sister.

Cassie - so happy to have you back. Dont worry about not able to do much. Accept the limitation of our capacity and your presence alone is already such a wonderful gift to the patients. Not to mention to us too as more volunteers add to the energy level of other volunteers. !!!

Seow Lim - so nice to have you back too , with your sister. Every volunteer has his or her strength and in a small way contributes to the group's energy level.

Chris, Ho, Sook Wei - seasoned volunteers indeed. You are all so at ease with patients.

There are so many patients today at the ward. Some are so young!. Two patients are immobilised while the rest are coping the best they could under the tremendous weight of the cancer , financial considerations, broken family which we could only empathise within the limited capacity we are capable of.

Patient A : a female patient of just 25 years old with 3 kids. How not to feel empathise with a young mother who in all likelihood not be able to watch her kids grow up.

Patient B : a male patient from Klang. He has two kids . He suffers from the cancer of the face which affected this left eyes and to a certain extent this brain and tongue. He was a driver and had to stop because of the disease. Pretty forlorn . Socso is helping a little in terms of financial needs which is not enough. Pretty poignant in that he mentioned about being poor and sick  is the very reason relatives dont visit him . Khim, we gave him one can of "prosure" which you brought .Saddhu.

Patient C: a male patient from Ipoh with prostate cancer. Aged 71. At the end of the chatting, he mentioned something that no answers can be given. He was asking why he, who had done much good, is suffering from this and worst , his wife left him . Well, we are not Buddha or arahant who understood the working of Karma so we left it at that.

Well, these are the "bad" things in life we are witnessing . Hospice has given all of us a very good opportunity to come so close to " death " for us to find new meaning in life for many things that we have taken for granted.

Have a nice week ahead.