Start Date End Date
21/07/2012 - 22/07/2012
Saturday : 2.30pm to 6pm Sunday 9am to 5.30pm. Course is based on Buhddhist principles. What is hospice care? What are responsibilities and boundries of a hospice volunteer.? Communication & listening skills. Sharing experince by Kasih volunteer. RM50 per pseron includes reading material , one vegetarian lunch and 2 tea breaks,
Laughter Therapy

In good times and in bad, in quiet times and stressful ones, when searching for ways to reach out, laughter is one of our best friends - COME and learn more about laughter therapy from Dr Dhilip Kumar @ KHC on

SUNDAY (sorry folks, that is the only day that busy Dr Dhilip is able to meet us) 10 June 2012 from 3pm - 5.30pm.



19/05/2012 - 20/05/2012

Basic hospice training will be conducted by Ms. Yeo ( President of Kasih Hospice Care), Mr. KO Wong ( Kasih's tresurer), Dr. Vanitha, Ai Fong and sharing by our Kasih volunteers.

How to equip volunteers with basic listening skills.

Training Director Ms. Lee Soo Siang  from Befrienders will be conducting a workshop on how to equip you with basic listening skills .

The Befrienders Kuala Lumpur is an NGO that provides

emotional support to people who are suicidal, depressed,

in distressed; or to anyone who needs a listening ear.

We offer telephone befriending (24 hours), e-mail, as well

as face to face befriending (by appointment). 


This workshop is on active listening, it will give an overview

of what befriending is; the importance of listening, and how

we can become a better listener. there will be exercises and

roleplays for practices 

Caregivers Workshop

Facilitatiors: Dr. Goh Pik Pin & Kasih Nurses. ...........At last! A practical yet holistic Workshop on what to do in a situation of a sick (or aged) person living at home , the medical, emotional and spiritual challenges and how to care for such a person and how to care for the caregiver. ............Suited to anyone and any family who is facing this life-challenge or expects to in the near future SIGN UP for this one day TOO-GOOD-TO-MISS event at KHC premises No: 7, Jln 14/29 on Sunday March 8.30am to 5.30pm. ...........As Course materials, lunch and tea will be provided, registration at RM50 per pax will be appreciated. ............PLEASE Register via KHC Office: 03-79607424 today. ...........Workshop is conducted in English, mandarin & bahasa Malaysia.

Know the potential of your pet
Did you know that there is increasing medical data to suggest that trained animals help patients to heal better and feel better? The Dr Dog program leader Mr. John Landon from Australia will give a talk on the potential of animal assisted therapy! You will also get to meet our Malaysian pet dog Dr Kylie .................Topics covered will be : ......*Different Categories of Animal Therapy,......... *What 'Dr Dog Malaysia' does. .........*Requirements of dogs and people wishing to join........... * History of Pet Therapy Studies showing benefits of animal-human connections. ............ * Sharing by one of our Dr Dog volunteers- Meet a Dr Dog ............................. The Dr Dog programme was introduced by the Animals Asia Foundation (AAF) in Hong Kong. Jill Robinson, who founded AAF, says medical evidence indicates that people who have pets enjoy lower stress and cholesterol levels, a stronger immune system and less chance of suffering a heart attack. ................Since the programme started, AAF has witnessed the dogs changing many lives. For example, two patients ? an autistic child and a man suffering from senile dementia ? who had not spoken in years, began to speak after several visits from the dogs
25/02/2012 - 26/02/2012
Basic Hospice training in Mandarin
Sat. 2pm to 6pm & Sun. 9am to 5pm
How to handle patient's communication & Food as natural remedies
How to Handle Patient's communication by Hospice Dr. Vanitha.................................. Food as natural Remedies is a talk by former President KHC Loke Siew Foong, herself a qualified nutritionist on simple and natural methods to promote personal wellness.


hosted by Kasih Foundation

 in aid of Kasih Hospice Care Society




Date 日期  :       Sunday 20 Nov. 2011



Time 时间  :       9am - 3pm



Venue 地点:      SJKC SUNGAI WAY








      Jalan SS9A/1,




      47300 Petaling Jaya



Tel 询问:       03-7960 7424   Sally or May-  please call us if you want to take part in our charity fair


Website  网 站


  Lets Go Green,please bring your own food containers & carrier bags 爱护地球,敬请自备 环保袋及食品容器,无限感恩!  .


There are various ways you can support KF/KHC, by

  • putting up a stall,
  • sponsoring items for sale at the fair or
  • donation of cash/ cheque.

Funds donated will benefit from tax exemption by the Inland Revenue of Malaysia. We would appreciate if all cheques are addressed to: Yayasan Kasih or Kasih Foundation.

Please feel free to contact us by email or call Sally or May at 03-79607424, should you require more details and also to purchase coupons for the fair.


attached are some photos of our charity Fair in year 2010
























22/10/2011 - 23/10/2011

Facilitators are Dr. Lee Her Chin and Mr. Wong Koei Onn at Kasih Premises .

please call Sally at 7960 7424 for more details

安宁疗护义工培训基本课程 Hospice Care Volunteer Basic Training Course 2011 年10月22日 (星期六) 时间 课程 Program 负责人OIC 2:30 - 2:45 pm 登记 Registration Sally 2:45 - 3:00 pm 慈心基金会及慈悲关怀服务会简介 Introduction of Kasih Foundation and Kasih Hospice Care Society 黄钜安 Mr Wong Koei Onn 3:00 -3:45 pm 安宁疗护 - 简介及原则 Hospice and Hospice Care 李荷琴医生 Dr. Lee Her Chin 3:45 -4:00 pm 茶点 Tea break 4:00 - 5:00pm 安宁疗护义工的责任及服务界限 Responsibilities and Boundaries of Hospice Volunteers 李荷琴医生 Dr. Lee Her Chin 5:00 - 6:00pm 得失游戏 Loss Excercise 黄钜安 Mr Wong Koei Onn 2011年10月23日 (星期日) 时间Time 课程Program 负责人OIC 9:00 - 9:45am 临终病患的饮食和营养需求 Diets and Nutrition at the Terminal Phase of Life 王护士 Nurse Ong 9:45-11:00am 基本护理技巧 Basic Nursing Care 王护士 Nurse Ong 11:00- 12:00pm 病患与家属的需求 Needs of the Patients and Their Families 黄钜安 Mr Wong Koei Onn 12:00-12:45pm 佛教理念的安宁疗护 Buddhist Hospice 黄钜安 Mr Wong Koei Onn 12:45 -1:30 pm 午餐 (素食) Vegetarian Lunch 1:30 - 2:45 pm 生命回顾 Life Review Exercise 严爱芳 Ai Fong 2:45 -4:15 pm 与病患的沟通 Communication with Patients 黄钜安 Mr Wong Koei Onn 4:15 - 4:35 pm 茶点 Tea Break 4:35 - 5:15 pm 义工分享经验 Volunteers Sharing Session 义工 5:15 - 5:30 pm 疑问解答 Q & A 黄钜安 Mr Wong Koei Onn 5:30pm 拍群体照Group Photo