Terms and Conditions

In consideration of Yayasan Kasih agreeing to accept this authorisation, I agree to the following terms and conditions: -
  1. I shall accept full responsibility for all transactions arising from the use of this credit card in payment of the fee.
  2. Yayasan Kasih shall not be held responsible or liable for any claims, loss, damage, costs and expenses arising from the successful processing or unsuccessful processing of the debit due to exceeding credit limit, malfunction of the system, electricity failure and/or any other factors beyond the control of Yayasan Kasih.
  3. Yayasan Kasih is only responsible for making arrangements to debit my credit card account through the Card Centre as authorised by me. I acknowledge and agree that the Easi-Pay Service is provided by Yayasan Kasih solely for my convenience and benefit. Therefore, for any problem or dispute arising from the processing / debiting it will be my own responsibility to resolve it with my credit card company ( including but not limited to any problems due to a breakdown or malfunction or mechanical defect of the computer system or equipment of the credit card company).
  4. I hereby agree to jointly and severally indemnify and keep you indemnified in full against any claims, loss, damage, costs and expenses which Yayasan Kasih may suffer or incur arising from my authorisation to debit my credit card account as aforesaid.
  5. I will ensure that the Yayasan Kasih is notified in writing of any changes, loss or replacement of my credit card, or cancellation of this authorisation at least one(1) month before the next payment is due. Such changes or cancellation will become effective only after Yayasan Kasih has duly acknowledged receipt of such notification.
  6. Yayasan Kasih may at its sole and absolute discretion terminate this Easi-Pay Service at any time without assigning any reason by giving the cardholder a notice in writing.
  7. Payment Date There will only be one(1) attempt made for deduction of payment from your credit card account on the payment due date.
  8. Notice of unsuccessful payment Yayasan Kasih will write/contact to inform the cardholder if an attempt to deduct the payment is unsuccessful.
  9. Receipts Receipts will be issued by Yayasan Kasih for the payment made through the Easi-Pay Service.
  10. Cancellation of Easi-Pay Service To discontinue the Easi-Pay Service and terminate this authorisation, the cardholder must inform Yayasan Kasih in writing at least one(1) month from the deduction date for the next payment due date.
  11. The Easi-Pay Service will be automatically cancelled if there are changes in amount payable to Yayasan Kasih. Therefore, a fresh Credit Card Authorisation Form is required should I wish to continue using the Easi-Pay Service.
  12. Yayasan Kasih reserves the right to add, delete or amend any of the provisions herein with notice to the cardholder.
  13. I agree that the use of this Easi-Pay Service is undertaken at my sole risk. I hereby expressly assume all risks arising out of this Easi-Pay Service or incidental to the use thereof and shall not hold Yayasan Kasih liable for any loss arising therefrom.